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Tri-proof Lamp LED Emergency Power Supply

IC controlled Dual rate Charger for energy savings.
Short circuit protection at battery terminals.
Battery reverse protection functionality
Charge indicator and test button. The light fittings guarantee safety of people in buildings open to the general public.
Automatically actuated in the event of power cuts, these devices (kit + light fitting) offer a good luminous flux to facilitate the evacuation.
Comply with European standards EN 61 347-2-7 and offer a high level of quality and safety meeting the various prevailing regulations.
Dial the code to suitable voltage of luminiares.
1 or 3 h rated duration
Constant current output,emergency power is vaired by lighting output voltage, automatically match with the lighting setting to provide best illuminations.

Emergency Module for LED Panels/LED Lighting Panel Emergency Conversion Kit            
Technical Details:
1.The battery charging and discharging times:>500 times;
2.Ambient Temperature range ta:0°C~+55°C
3.Max.casing temperature tc:70°C
4.Test button and green indicator: out 30cm length
5.Battery:Ni-cd 7.2V 2.0AH
6.Emergency power: 5W
7.LED Light : 100W Max
8.Emergency time:3Hours
9.DC connectors outside 30cm length
10.Output voltage:DC50-200V
11.Constant current for emergency

Tri-proof Lamp LED Emergency Power Supply

  • This type of emergency power supply belongs to intelligent power for emergency lighting, can automatically analyze string and number

  • Brightness of emergency lighting in power failure, luminance only reach around 1/2 of electric lighting, much energy-saving

  • Can automatically identification, off and switching

  • LED emergency power supply box costumed by our factory, contains LED emergency power supply inverter, battery packs and connecting wiring, perfect combination of three, installed in interior of emergency power supply box, with fire prevention, moisture-proof

  • Adapts external or internal driving power of high-power LED lamp for emergency lighting, matching to power above 30W of LED lamp, LED fluorescent lamp, LED mining lamp and other kind of LED light source, make it an emergency lighting when power cut, products in emergency lighting, brightness of light source is only 30-50% of electric lighting, can be energy-saving, convenient and cost-saving

  • On outer of emergency power supply box is installed detection switch, that is convenient for user to understand working state, checking whether emergency lighting is normal

  • When power supply normally, inverter makes emergency lighting battery group in charging or standby state, when earthquake, struck, explosion, accident or other emergency happened, AC suddenly interrupted, inverter power supply for battery immediately converted to emergency lighting group DC, ensure lamps lighting and safety and red, green and yellow, three LED lamp beads showed normal as main power, charging, fault status, when battery charging saturation, automatically access to power state, compensate self-discharge, maintain battery life and performance

  • Matching of various capacity batteries, can meet emergency lighting time 1-5 hours, meets needs of various situations, can be used in -20 to +60°C temperature environment

  • Multiple protection functions: no load, short-circuit, charging and discharging protection

  • Strictly accordance with wiring diagram connection-circuit, prohibited without source no-load operation, don't open cover

  • User can check inverter discharge regularly, but when checking, user need cut-off power supply, let it discharging until automatically finished

  • Technical parameters:

    • Input range: 100-270V AC at 50-60Hz

    • Output range: 20-80V DC

    • Power: less than 30/30-80/80-200W

  • Response time: according to customer's requirement

  • Battery capacities: 7.2V/7.4V

  • Sizes: 315*50*30MM

If you have any enquiry about quotation or cooperation,please feel free to email us at kellygao@vip.163.com or use the following enquiry form. Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you for your interest in our products.
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