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High voltage output LED Emergency power pack

Views:39     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-03-13      Origin:Site Inquire

High voltage output LED Emergency power pack

1. Functions and characters


• Optimize starting function, is compatible with all LED luminaires with the same capability.


• Choose one matches one, or one matches two lamp emergent illumination, but total power is not higher than total power loaded, power supply driver shall be built out, luminaires require emergent illumination shall commonly use a driver.


• High frequency work without frequency flash, whole electronic structure, noise-free.


• High economics, efficiently improve the utilization of power supply device.


• Wide voltage starting function, apply to special occasions within voltage fluctuation.


• The no-load protection, dismantle lamp loaded after test the device, emergent power supply swiftly turns to no-load protection status to avoid an electric shock due to high voltage output.


• Small cubage, it is easy, quick and safe reliable to assemble luminaires.


• Green environment protection, the harmonics content is lower than that of national standard, pollution-free for grid.


• It is applicable to a variety of civil public architecture, AC illumination and emergent luminaires.


2. Utilization notices.


2.1. Emergent power supply sets up a no-load protection, which is to test the emergent illuminating function or test the inverter charging function, it is conducted under loaded illumination.


2.2. Major power supply wire: AC input wire directly enters into chief power supply circuit, they are banned to connect to switch.


2.3. Conduct an electric test after installing wires connection, batteries and lighting tube.


2.4. Cut off the AC supply first, then dismantle batteries and lamp after finish a test ready to dismantle power supply setting (or change lamp), not to dismantle lamp load when the power is supplied by AC electricity or in an emergent working status.

2.5. The switch doesn’t control luminaire after it begins an emergent illumination.


3. Maintenance


• Emergent device core is a key component to control batteries charge or discharge, emergent starting luminaire, it shall be guaranteed a correct connection. It is discharged every three months after the electricity is used normally, conduct a maintenance on the batteries, extend their longevity. A professional person shall often check up and maintain the emergent power supply after it is launched, any abnormality shall be inspected and repaired, or inform the supplier to deal with.

2. Connecting installation


2.1. It is strictly connected the circuit according to the connecting diagram. Each terminal connects the following circuits:


• N - connect neutral wire, N + LED built-out driver neutral line input terminal.


• L - connect live wire, L + LED built-out driver neutral line input terminal, set up a wall switch - K, the wall switch only control AC illumination, not effect emergent lighting.

• 9 - connect luminaire positive terminal.


• 10 - connect luminaire negative terminal + LED built-out driver output negative terminal.


• 12 - luminaire built-out driver output positive terminal.


• White socket - connect batteries.

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