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3 hour Maintained Emergency Conversion Pack for 26-55 Watt

1. Install the unit according to wiring diagram, and improper wiring may lead to permanent damage to the unit;
2. Normal AC mains supply, the inverter allows the battery pack charging, trickle charge to maintain battery performance.
Sudden interruption of the mains AC, then the inverter converts DC battery powered to ensure that lighting and security;
3. Inverter with multiple protection functions: charge protection, discharge protection, short circuit protection;
4. To ensure maximum protection of the built in battery, please fully charge the unit for 24hours after first installation.
To extend battery life please make sure charge the battery at least one time every three months;
5. Don’t install top of the high temperature objects. Please ensure that the operating ambient temperature is below 50C,
and maximum case temperature(tc) not exceeding 70C;
6. Do not operate this unit beyond the operating supply range;
  • MJ-LED

Emergency Solutions for LED Luminaires
Technical Details:

1.The battery charging and discharging times:>500 times;
2.Ambient Temperature range ta:0°C~+55°C
3.Max.casing temperature tc:70°C
4.Input voltage :AC 100-240V
5.Lamp: LED External light 20/30W
6.Battery: Li-on 3.7V 2.0AH
7.Charging time: 30H
8.Conversion time<3s
9.EM Time: 3H
10.Output power: 10-30%

LED Ceiling Light Emergency Backup Kit/LED Emergency Backup Power Pack 3 Hours   


30W LED Ceiling Light

AC85-265V ,50Hz

Normal Output Current: DC750mA

Normal Output Voltage :80V-120V, 50Hz


Matched Program


Emergency Duration : 3Hrs

Lumen Factor : 20%

3.7V 2000mAh lI-ON Battery Pack + Low Voltage Inverter+Metal Box

Emergency Output Current: DC 150mA

Emergency Output Voltage :80-120V,50Hz


Usage range


1. Hotels

2. Conference/Meeting rooms

3. Factories & Offices

4. Commercial Purposes

5. Residential/Institution Buildings

6. Schools, Colleges & Universities

7. Hospitals

8. Places where energy saving and high color rendering index lightings are required


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