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100% Lumens Emergency of All LED Light

Technical Details:

1.The battery charging and discharging times:>500 times;
2.Ambient Temperature range ta:0°C~+55°C
3.Max.casing temperature tc:70°C
4.Input voltage :AC 220-240V
5.Lamp: All led light
6.Battery: Ni-Cd /Li-on /Ni-Mh
7.Charging time: 30H
8.Conversion time<3s
9.EM Time: 1-3H
  • MJ-LED

Led emergency lighting module / battery backup led emergency light / flourescent emergeny ballast  

(1) Battery: 12V 3.0Ah NI-CD/NI-MH  

(2) Input voltage(Uual): 220V/240V, 50~60Hz 

(3) Lamp Power: 36W /40W

(4) Output voltage: DC220V

(5) Normal function Indicating LED: equipped 

(6) Emergency function testing device: equipped 

(7) Operating temp: 0 ~ 55°c 

(8) CE, RoHS approval 

(9) Warranty:2 years



Emergency Kit Model HW-G5 is designed for Emergency LED Tube and Compact Fluorescent Lamps.



A)   Input Voltage (Dual)                                                                 240V, 50-60Hz

B)    Normal function Indicating LED                                           Equipped

C)   Emergency Function Testing Device                                   Equipped

D)   Emergency Time                                                                    1/2/3 hrs

E)    Battery Protection Device                                                      Equipped

F)    Operating Temp                                                                     0 ~ 55 °C

G)   Battery                                                                                       High Temp NiCd / NiMH

H)   Start-up Charging Time                                                        24 hours

I)      Lighting Suitable

               LED Lights                                                                      8 ~ 46W 

               CFL Power                                                                      8 ~ 46W


1.Applications : 

Public areas of hotel /restaurant
Public areas of hospital
Aisle /stair half /elevate hoistway of all kind of building
Public areas of  Local Authority building
Circulation area in high rise council housing
Public areas of mall/supper-market
Pedestrian subways in city centres

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